Ila Fysikalske 2.0

Ila Fysikalske is yet again opening as a concert space after a long while with only sporadic public events. From now on, there will be experimental music and performances at Ila every Thursday evening! We’ll start it all with a grand little festival – and these incredibly nice musicians lined up:

Friday 29th of September:
Michaela Antalová
Signe Emmeluth & Ståle Liavik Solberg
Streifenjunko & Sheriffs of Nothingness
Martin Küchen

Saturday 30th of September:
Mathilda Rolfsson
Tove Bagge & Hans Kjorstad
Niklas Adam & Ina Sagstuen
Daichi Yoshikawa

The tickets will only be sold in advance (that’s right!) – 1 day is 200 kroners, and the full shabam is 300 kroners. RSVP to to make sure you get your ticket! There aren’t that many, you see!

We’re thrilled to get started, and we hope you will celebrate Ila Fysikalske 2.0 with us!